Managing in the New Work Reality – Part Two

As we prepare for employees returning to the workplace, it will likely be a varied approach in that some employees will return to their workplace full-time, another group will remain on a remote work option and then there will be those that return to a blended, or what is commonly referred to as a hybridContinue reading “Managing in the New Work Reality – Part Two”

Building Manager Efficacy: Managing in the New Work Reality

Managing remote teams was a big transition for many organizations. It didn’t take managers long to increase their competence and confidence in this virtual work environment that we were thrown into on a global basis. Now, as I work with organizations in various states of return-to-work strategies, it’s important to critically evaluate how we canContinue reading “Building Manager Efficacy: Managing in the New Work Reality”

Do Athletes Wait for Annual Reviews to be Coached?

The answer is an emphatic no! While I’m admittedly not a sports enthusiast, even I know that in sports, where athletes make multi-millions of dollars, they are coached frequently. Most often, coaching occurs the minute the play is over and sometimes in the moment that the play is being executed. Now I’m not condoning yellingContinue reading “Do Athletes Wait for Annual Reviews to be Coached?”

Acquiring & Retaining Key Talent – The Argument for the Ultimate Employee Experience

With the employment arena heating up and the war for talent becoming more intense, it is more critical than ever before to ensure that we are doing everything possible to entice employees to join the organization and once there, to stay and enjoy a long career. While progressive benefits packages are a given with theContinue reading “Acquiring & Retaining Key Talent – The Argument for the Ultimate Employee Experience”

“I’m perfectly fine!”

Beware of those employees that reply to your inquiry on how they are doing with “I’m fine”. There may be an underlying unease and fear to return to the workplace that they are trying to disguise. Probe to really understand what’s going on for your team members and listen actively to their response. As weContinue reading ““I’m perfectly fine!””