Losing key talent…does it keep you awake at night?

Recruiting talent in this climate has its challenges, don’t lose new hires by not establishing and maintaining solid relationships. Even though the candidate may have just accepted, use the time before they start to start connecting. By reaching out to check in with them, sending company logo items, taking time to personalize their workspace (regardlessContinue reading “Losing key talent…does it keep you awake at night?”

Strategy: Keeping the Value Proposition at the Forefront

When we were first asked to “Work from Home” to flatten the Covid infection curve, we were all optimistic that it would be a short-lived work impact. Now, nearly six months from that momentous occasion, most of us are still working from home and traveling much less than we did prior to Covid19. I thinkContinue reading “Strategy: Keeping the Value Proposition at the Forefront”

Inclusion and Diversity

9/11/2020 While I’ve been directly involved in Inclusion & Diversity work since the 90’s, I have to sadly acknowledge that it seems to have taken a big step backwards in recent years. Why is this? I truly believe that the challenge is in people putting differences first and inclusion is an afterthought. In the workContinue reading “Inclusion and Diversity”

“I’m perfectly fine!”

Beware of those employees that reply to your inquiry on how they are doing with “I’m fine”. There may be an underlying unease and fear to return to the workplace that they are trying to disguise. Probe to really understand what’s going on for your team members and listen actively to their response. As weContinue reading ““I’m perfectly fine!””

How to Recruit and Retain Employees in a Time of Challenge

As we enter our second month of shelter in place in Minnesota following the order that took effect on Friday, March 27 to stay at home by Governor Walz, I am certain that we’ll get through this latest challenge in the Covid19 situation but there may be significant business casualties in the wake of it.Continue reading “How to Recruit and Retain Employees in a Time of Challenge”

Our Work World and Expectations Have Dramatically Shifted

As we approach the month milestone for the “Work from Home” order from our local governors as well as national government leaders, there is an enormous amount of appreciation for all of the insights and direct experience that we have gained in the virtual work world. While many of us may feel like remote workContinue reading “Our Work World and Expectations Have Dramatically Shifted”

When Your Options are Limited, Get Creative!

If you think it’s tough to review your personal 401(K) statement when so many are looking at 20-30% losses to their accounts, imagine the corporate accounts and the devastation that they are experiencing on a much larger scale. Then factor in the impact of that experience on small businesses who are struggling to survive inContinue reading “When Your Options are Limited, Get Creative!”

Take a breath….and take care.

Suggestions on managing self-care and remote work through these tough times. In these uncertain times, we need to focus on what we can do to make a positive impact on those around us, whether it be in your personal or professional world. While I’m no expert, I have helped several Fortune 100 companies create FlexibleContinue reading “Take a breath….and take care.”