Losing key talent…does it keep you awake at night?

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Recruiting talent in this climate has its challenges, don’t lose new hires by not establishing and maintaining solid relationships. Even though the candidate may have just accepted, use the time before they start to start connecting. By reaching out to check in with them, sending company logo items, taking time to personalize their workspace (regardless of whether it’s virtual or physical) with family pictures or welcome banners all help set the foundation.  

The work doesn’t stop once the candidate becomes an employee, keep up by connecting regularly and expressing a genuine interest in them as individuals and their career. Remember that many of their job search engines are still working against you in your ability to retain this new talent to your business. Candidates job search profiles may still be active and sending appealing job leads. A good way to combat this is to engage the new team member in meaningful work as well as getting them directly involved in the business and their teams. However, the very best way to retain and engage new hires is to be a good manager and mentor; people work for people, not companies. A progressive management team is the best defence against attrition. I work with leaders around the world in Fortune 100 firms as well as local start-ups to create strategies to build high performing teams; the stronger managers definitely have an advantage. Focus on growing your leadership skills, especially in this new work world, leading remote teams is an emerging skill that many managers lack. Call me and we can discuss retention and engagement strategies for your key talent. Good luck!

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Published by Maggie Debner

HR Executive Coach & Consultant

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