Make Someone’s Season of Lights Even Brighter During this Season of Lights!

During this season of giving, I’m partnering with a group of family and friends this year to raise funds for families in need. Best Christmas Ever is an organization we’ve identified that provides families who have fallen on hard times, outside of their control, with gifts for the family and financial assistance that goes well beyond the holiday season to address their hardship and create a path for recovery.

We have selected two families of the hundreds in need. One family has a husband/father who has been deployed for nearly a year that just received notification of an extension. His family is struggling and unable to afford rent and utilities much less anything special for Christmas. The second family is a single mom working three jobs to support her family and save up for an apartment.

If you find yourself in a position to be able to help those in need, please either contribute to the link below through our group or consider participating with a team of your own.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and I wish you all of the best during this season of lights and appreciate all that you do to make it brighter for those in need!

Published by Maggie Debner

HR Executive Coach & Consultant

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